Privacy policy


You should read the whole policy, but here's a quick rundown of the most essential elements to remember: Nobody ever sells or rents your personal information. I've never done it before, and I have no intention of doing it now. We only have information on you based on what you tell us when you visit our website. We don't acquire personal information about you from other parties, so you have total control over what you disclose. You may, for example, access our website using a fictitious identity. Even if you aren't signed in, we collect some personal information about you when you visit our website, such as the sort of device you're using and your IP address. By making an account, you may choose to share additional information with us. This information is used to enhance our services and maintain a secure and up-to-date website. You may unsubscribe from our emails at any time, modify your account information, or remove your account completely. You may also get a copy of the information you've provided by emailing us at Your responses to our surveys, quizzes, and other tools help us figure out what information is most relevant to you and how we can learn more about each career path's potential. You have total control over which surveys you take and which technology you use. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or complaints about our policy!

1. How Do We Collect Information?

To begin, we collect, store, and utilize the information you input on our website. Your e-mail address, comments, messages sent to other users, and any other information you choose to put on the website are all included in this category. If you publish another person's personal information on our website, you must get that person's permission to share and handle their information in line with our privacy policy. It is entirely up to you to do so. Second, if you purchase anything on our website for yourself or someone else, we will collect payment and tax information (for example, country of residence), contact and delivery information (for example, e-mail address), and information on what you purchased. Finally, everytime you visit our website, we keep track of certain technical information. This information includes your IP address, browser type and version, page views, and other data about your device, as well as your visits to and usage of our website. Cookies are also used to store and retrieve your login status, career test results, and a variety of other website preferences (little encrypted data files kept and delivered by your browser everytime you visit our website). Some cookies are account-specific, while others aren't. More information on cookies may be found in the next section.


The majority of our website's functionality relies on cookies (such as accessing your career test results or signing in). You consent to our use of cookies as defined in this policy by using our website. On our website, we employ "persistent" cookies. Persistent cookies will stay on your device until you remove them or they reach their expiry date. We use cookies to identify you (as opposed to other users) and keep track of your preferences connected to your usage of our website when you visit it. To measure how people use our website, we utilize Google Analytics and Hotjar. These third-party services may gather technical data about your activity and device (such as your device's IP address or screen size) through cookies and other technologies. Please visit Hotjar's and Google's respective privacy policies for further details. At any moment, you may opt out of Hotjar and Google Analytics monitoring. We may use Facebook Pixel to analyze the performance of our Facebook advertising if we have an established customer connection with you (e.g., you have purchased something from us). We don't have access to your Facebook account or any of the data you've provided there. You may reject all cookies in most browsers, while others will just refuse third-party cookies. Blocking all cookies, on the other hand, may make many websites, including ours, inaccessible.

Whether Information Has to Be Provided by You and Why

You must give us with your contact information and other essential information in order for us to connect with you and offer the services provided on our website. If you are compelled to provide information to us, we will notify you at the time we collect it (including through this Privacy Policy). We may not be able to perform the services that require the use of this information if you do not give the necessary information (e.g., certain features or assessments).

2. How Do We Use the Information We Collect?

We utilize the data we gather to provide you with relevant and personalized content and services. As a result, we must use your information to: send you your career test results if you request them in the results screen or in the Preferences section; send you account-related messages, such as password recovery e-mails; identify you and ensure the security of your account, such as by verifying that the e-mail address associated with your account is yours; and collect payments from you. We have a valid reason for using your data in this manner. It is in both of our best interests to do so in order to make our services and information as useful as possible to you. We also have a legitimate interest in continuing our connection with you, developing our website and services, and protecting your and other users' safety. As a result, the data you provide is used to: evaluate how you use our website so that we can better understand your requirements and improve our service and experience. We can assess whether anything needs to be changed by comparing the amount of time you spend on a page before and after a design modification. To do so, we gather regular internet log information as well as insights on visitor activity patterns using third-party services like Google Analytics and Hotjar (for example, how much time you spent reading your career test results). We may also use Facebook Pixel to analyze the efficacy of our Facebook advertising if we have a previous customer connection with you. These services were formerly included under the Cookies section. This information is only used in a manner that makes it impossible to identify people. We don't try to connect such information to personal data we have about you, and we don't let Google do so either. Our website is currently being improved and expanded. For example, if a majority of individuals indicate they'd want to learn more about how to cope with a problematic colleague in one of our surveys, we'll definitely consider it. To enhance our services and understanding of appropriate career paths, we do internal analysis and scientific/statistical investigations. Your contributions to our surveys, for example, might help us determine if Extraverts or Introverts are more likely to be early risers. Your raw research data will be anonymised or pseudonymized, with restricted access. Even our researchers only look at data that isn't linked to any personally identifiable information, and we only provide aggregate figures. preserve the website's security and fraud-free status – for example, by monitoring login attempts or account activity; protect you and other users safe, including collaborating with law enforcement authorities as needed. We may, for example, notify the authorities if we suspect you or someone else is in immediate physical danger as a consequence of anything you've written. If another user complains harassment, check for conformity to the website's rules and regulations, such as by reading your private conversations. There are a few exceptions to our legitimate interests, which cover the bulk of our operations. Other legal considerations have an impact on how we handle your personal data: if we seek for your express consent to the processing in issue; if we offer services to you as a member – in which case we will have a contract with you and will manage your data in line with that contract (see our Terms and Conditions). If we were processing data based on permission or legitimate interests, for example, our contract permits us to keep and erase data in ways that override some of your rights. if there is another legal cause (which will be uncommon), such as to protect your or another person's vital interests, or if we are legally obligated to handle the information. Finally, we'll only use your information with your permission: to send you e-mail newsletters if you've specifically accepted to receive them and confirmed it by clicking a link in the confirmation e-mail. You may unsubscribe from our communications at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email. when the assessment for which you're providing personal data includes "special category" personal data (for example, your religious beliefs or political views), which we evaluate to generate assessment findings and then for research reasons (where the data will be anonymized or pseudonymized). We depend on our legitimate interests first, followed by your explicit permission. Please keep in mind that you may cancel your permission at any moment. When you provide us with special category personal data, we may use it for research purposes; in most cases, it will be anonymized so that it is no longer considered personal information. In the event that personal data is processed, we will also depend on Article 9.2(j) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your personal information will never be sold or rented to a third party for direct marketing purposes.

3. Do We Transfer Your Information Elsewhere?

In order to operate our website and make our services accessible online, we need to work with a range of providers, some of whom are based outside the United Kingdom and the European Economic Area (EEA), such as in the United States. Some of our employees work in countries outside of the European Economic Area. As a consequence, your personal data might be transferred outside of the European Economic Area. Some of the nations involved may lack data protection rules comparable to those found in the European Economic Area. Any transfer of your personal data outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) where the GDPR is in effect will be subject to the appropriate or suitable relevant safeguards (e.g., a European Commission-approved contract), as permitted by the GDPR, with those measures designed to help protect your privacy rights and provide you with remedies in the unlikely event that your personal data is misused. Unless the nation in issue is declared appropriate under Article 45 of the GDPR, we commonly employ contract terms for such transfers (as per Article 46.2 of the GDPR) (including in the case of the U.S., Privacy Shield). We also limit access to your personal information to just those members of our team who need it to do their duties. Please contact us if you need any other information. If required, we may share your information with the following third-party sources: Our transactional emails are sent out using Sendinblue. To help us study and improve our newsletters, we gather information on e-mail opening and clicks. Payments are processed and anti-fraud checks are performed using Stripe and PayPal. Stripe's and PayPal's privacy policies are linked below. To measure user activity and host our website, databases, and associated assets and services, we use Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Hotjar. Google's privacy policies may be found here. To be as open as possible, we've put all of our third-party merchants below. When it comes to disclosing your information outside of our business, "sharing" is a rather wide phrase. We always communicate the smallest amount of data feasible and encrypt it wherever possible. Our e-mail service provider, for example, would need your e-mail address to give you a password recovery link, but we will not share it with your age. To protect our accounts on third-party websites and the data kept there, we use all necessary security and access control measures.

4. How Can You Manage Your Information?

If you have an account on our website, you may change most of your personal information in the psection. It lets you alter your e-mail address, make your profile private or public, manage quick notifications, and remove your profile, among other things. If you remove your profile, your e-mail address, name, age, and other personal information will be wiped, making your user record anonymous. Discussion threads, user chats, reactions to our tests and surveys, log logs, and other comparable data will not be erased. We need to keep the data for a number of reasons, including to preserve other users' right to free speech, to keep the integrity of our research, to keep our website secure, and to offer our services to you and others. Make a backup of any information you want to save if you decide to deactivate your account. We won't be able to restore your account if you learn after your profile has been erased that you haven't preserved that beautiful poetry that another user supplied you. You may also request that we amend any personal data you've provided us with, or that some personally identifying information be removed from our website. For example, if you accidentally put your e-mail address in Discussions and request that it be removed, we will do so. Any data change or deletion request must be validated, so make sure your account is always connected to a valid e-mail address. We don't ask for personal information like your complete name, address, or date of birth – your e-mail address is your sole true identity — so if you lose access to the address associated with your account, we won't be able to verify that you own it.

5. How and When Do We Share Your Information?

To begin, anybody with access to the internet may see your public profile, which includes information such as your name and professional exam scores. Click the link in the Overview area of the profile page to see what your public profile page looks like. In the Preferences section, you may also make your profile private. You should expect that everything you submit in our Discussions, comment sections, translation area, or anyplace else on our website where it is feasible will be visible by everyone unless it is obvious that access will be restricted to yourself or a particular user (e.g., your private messages or notes in the Premium Profile). Other members may see your name, gender, career test scores, and participation history, depending on the section (e.g., your previous posts). If required, our employees, agents, suppliers, and subcontractors may need access to your information. All of our subsidiaries, as well as our ultimate parent company and all of its subsidiaries, are subject to this policy. If you want us to repair a damaged subscription, for example, someone from our staff will require access to your account in order to do so. Access to your personal information, on the other hand, is rigorously controlled and monitored, with sensitive data (such as your password) securely encrypted. Apart from that, we may disclose your personal information if required by law or in connection with any ongoing, prospective, or reasonably likely (in our opinion) legal proceedings; if we need to establish, exercise, or defend our legal rights (e.g., providing information to others for fraud prevention); or if we're in a joint venture with another c Unless otherwise stated, we do not disclose your personal information with any third parties.

6. How Long Do We Keep Your Information?

We only store your information for as long as it is required to provide you with services and to achieve the objectives set out in this policy or our Terms and Conditions. This includes any third parties to whom your information may be disclosed. Some examples of data kinds and retention durations are as follows: Payment and order data, including appropriate access logs – ten years; activity logs, with the exception of the aforementioned – one year; transitory activity records, such as e-mail invitations or password reset requests – three months; account information – indefinite Accounts that have been idle for more than two years and are not linked to any relevant activity are cancelled on a regular basis. The content on our website, such as comments and forum posts, may be used without restriction. When we no longer require your information to comply with our legal or regulatory duties, or for other reasons indicated in this policy, we'll depersonalize or wipe it from our systems.

7. How Do We Handle Children’s Information?

You may only use our website if you are of legal age in your country to agree to data processing. Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to access this website, regardless of local regulations. If you are a parent and find that your child is using our website without your permission, please let us know. We don't have the means as a small company to verify and monitor parental approval, therefore if you're under the age of consent in your country, you won't be allowed to access our website.

8. What Can You Ask Us to Do with Your Information?

You have a number of essential rights under the GDPR that are free of charge. In summary, these rights include:access to your personal information and certain other supplementary information;require us to correct any errors in your information that we have; and, in some circumstances, the erasure of personal information about you. You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes at any time; you have the right to object to automated decisions that have legal consequences for you or have a similarly significant impact on you; and you have the right to object to our continued processing of your personal data in certain circumstances. See the UK Information Commissioner's Office's advice for further information on each of those rights, including the situations in which they apply (ICO). The Information Commissioner's Office is the UK's supervisory body (ICO). Please write us an email if you wish to exercise any of those rights. Keep in mind that in order for us to execute your request, you must send it from the e-mail address linked with your account. Unless you give these information, we won't be able to verify that you are the account owner. Follow the instructions above and click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the e-mail to unsubscribe from our newsletter. This normally happens right after, although it might take a few days in exceptional situations.

9. How Do We Secure Your Information?

To avoid the loss, abuse, or modification of your personal information, we adopt appropriate technical and organizational safeguards. For example, we keep this data on our secure (password and firewall-protected) servers, encrypt traffic to and from the website, and anonymize or pseudonymize personal data wherever feasible. Even yet, we can't ensure that data transferred over the internet is completely secure - a flaw in the encryption protocol we employ may be uncovered, your internet service provider could intercept the data you send, and so on. When transmitting sensitive information, please exercise care.

10. How Can You Get in Touch with Us?

Our contact information is available on our website. Email ( is the most convenient way to get in touch with us. For the information gathered on this website, we, AJD HK LTD, are the data controllers.

11. Various Other Bits and Bobs

You are responsible for maintaining the security of your password and any other login information. Don't give this information out since anyone gets it will have complete access to all of your personal information on our website. Links to other websites may be found in some of our articles and website sections. Other websites' privacy policies and practices are not our responsibility. We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any moment by posting a new version on our website. You should revisit this page from time to time to ensure that any changes haven't upset you.